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Law Firm Grubeša & Partners

Law Firm Grubeša & Partners was founded as a partnership on December 30th 2005 and since December 4th 2013 operates as a limited liability company.

The company founder, majority shareholder and the person authorized for representation is Gordana Grubeša, attorney at law. Besides her, a member and a partner in the Company is Josip Bažant, attorney at law, who also acts as a Head of the Bjelovar Branch office. From the day of its establishment to this day, the Company has its headquarters in Zagreb, Iblerov trg 10 / V, located in a modern business premises in the city center (Importanne Galleria), while it also operates through its Branch office in Bjelovar, in the area of Bjelovar County Court ​​jurisdiction, as well as through the Branch office in Dubrovnik, where it operates in an attractive location in the Port of Gruž.

In its work the Law Firm Grubeša and partners covers all areas of law, while it predominantly operates in the fields of Commercial law, Civil law, Family law, Labor law, arbitration proceedings, Mediation, Sports law, protection of intellectual property, bankruptcy procedures and bankruptcy pre-settlements, financial restructuring, Tax law, business consulting, as well as Criminal and Misdemeanor law.

Company's employees are licensed mediators registered with the Croatian Ministry of Justice and are members of the Croatian Mediation Association.

The Firm closely cooperates with a number of lawyers and law firms locally in Zagreb, Bjelovar, Dubrovnik and other Croatian cities, as well as with foreign colleagues from Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom, where we keep a highly valued collaboration with the Law Firm Withers LLP. Law Firm Grubeša and partners employs 10-15 employees, depending on the number of law trainees on an in-house practice. Currently the Firm employs 7 lawyers and 2 law trainees.

The Firm has an extensive experience in representing individuals and legal entities residing / seated both on Croatian territory, and abroad. Due to the professionalism, expertise, IT competence, long- standing cooperation with experts from a number of areas outside the law (expert witnesses, sworn court interpreters, auditors, tax consultants and the like) and of course, years of experience, the Firm is in a position to accept a considerable number of cases, providing professional and expert representation of its clients' interests, to which speaks a steady growth in the number of clients.